My top 10 tips for selling on Ebay

We all have it (and kudos to you if you don’t): the ever overflowing cupboard full of clothes!

And yet every morning I stand in front of the cupboard with nothing to wear. I know this is probably nothing new to you and any lady that just can’t pass by that sale rack….

Story of my life, I can’t walk pass a sale rack. But although I may get a good deal on that 50% off item, is it really a good deal for me if I end up not wearing it? Probably not.

It’s as if this magical red tag reading %%% clouds my mind.

So the promise is not to buy unless I can match the item with other items in my wardrobe, it goes with the overall theme of my work/casual clothing and that the item is timeless, so I can wear it at least for another year or two!

But the another question remains: What do I do with the stuff I don’t want to wear any more?

Well, I started off with clearing out the cupboard and actually looking at the items I don’t want any more. They were all in a very good condition, apart from maybe two or three pieces. Think Carrie Bradshaw from SATC in the episode she cleared out her wardrobe with her girlfriends



So to not loose out completely I thought I give selling on Ebay a try. Whatever wouldn’t sell, or is simply not worth selling, would go to the charity shop. A large bag and a trip to the charity shop later, I ended up with approx. 60, YES still 60 items to sell.

The rest of the day was spent photographing items, creating ads for them and writing descriptions. I won’t bore you with the details of how to set up an Ebay account, it’s super easy anyways. But here are a few tips that may make your selling more efficient and successful:

  1. Know what to sell: Some items will sell better on Ebay then others. Make sure to choose items that are popular or from a popular brand, easy to ship or maybe just rare. So don’t waste your time trying to sell that old Shirt from 5 years ago, which may just be better off at the charity shop.
  2. Know when to sell: As with shops, customers tend to browse Ebay in their free time. So make sure you list your items on the weekend and in the evening to encourage sales.
  3. Photos and description: Make sure your photos are sharp and clear, taken in good light and also show the item from all sides. The customer doesn’t have the opportunity to touch and see, so good pictures and an accurate description are key. Don’t forget to mention any faults as you only end up with a return.
  4. Price the item fairly: I know we all want to make a good profit but overpricing an item will not encourage the sale. Instead price the fairly and with luck people will bid more for it. If they purchase it for the minimum price you are still a winner, as you have one less unwanted item in your cupboard!
  5. Choose your words wisely: When it comes to the title of your item it is worth considering your words. What are the key features of the item and what would people need to search for to find it? Also consider how you would search for the item? If for example you are selling a blue T-Shirt key words may include the accurate color blue, type and cut of the T-Shirt, size as well as the brand. All these key words will help the customer to find your item.
  6. Consider shipping cost: Shipping cost can dramatically increase the price of your item and maybe put off potential customers. So make sure your postage is reasonable and always ship items on time.
  7. Good customer service: People may send you messages asking questions about the item. Make sure you take time to respond in a nice and timely manner. Good customer service will pay off.
  8. Use the Ebay app: This app came in so handy when I was selling my 60 items. I was able to manage my account and the items I am selling from the convenience of my phone. It shows your active items, which have sold and what items you need to dispatch.
  9. Make sure to take the time to review the your clients and leave a nice comment. This will encourage them to review you back and build your profile on Ebay. A seller with many positive reviews is more likely to achieve a sale.
  10. Lastly, consider costs: You can list up to 20 items a month for free on Ebay, however, Ebay will still take a cut of 10% for every item you sell, that includes postage. So make sure it is worth your time and effort.

I hope you found this helpful, happy Ebaying!

Isabella x




My Top 5 Red Dresses


Gingham Dress/Smocked Maxi/Polka Dot/Floral Frill/Tie Waist

“There is a shade of red for every woman” – Audrey Hepburn

I don’t think I owe a single piece of red clothing. So far I wasn’t keen on anything red thinking it just wouldn’t suit my complexion.

But here comes the summer and all these beautiful red dresses and I am ready to embrace it.

So I had a look around and came across some stunning dresses. I mean  how cute is this red gingham dress?

Best of all ? Most of these dresses are under £30!

And after all – When in doubt, wear red!


So here we go…

My first blog post.

It feels weird. Despite knowing that not many (if anyone at all) will read this, it feels strange to write on this blog. Putting something out there into the World Wide Web for everyone to see. Especially since I really don’t know how to start. What to say, what to write? Do I write a post about myself, do I go straight into a blog post about food, fashion or travel? …Someone please help me out here.

But then I thought: Calm down, Isabella. Let’s make this easy and tell them 5 random things about yourself first. Easy right? Okay, here we go then:

  1. Big city, small town. I lived in London for many, many years and loved it. All these things to do and see. Eventually, I started craving the country-side and a slower life-style. I imagined a Stars Hallow life – hands up if you love Gilmore Girls! So my husband and I decided to make the move, well, and move. One of our goals was to purchase our own place. But with London property prices being astronomical we took the opportunity and moved to Folkestone where we bought our home. No doubt you will read more about our new home here.
  2. I love books. No, let’s rephrase this: I love owning books. We have a book shelve full of books and I read 20% of them at most (that includes books I had t read for my studies). To add to my collection I asked my husband to get me a bunch of books last Christmas – which he kindly did. It’s now half a year later and I have not finished ONE of the books he got me. I did start reading two of them though. That still counts, right? But I thought I set myself a challenge on the blog: I will read a book a month. That’s doable, no? To check on my progress, I will post a review every month …. Challenge accepted.
  3. I am a cat lady. I was a cat lady before I had cats. After we purchased the house my dream of having a cat(s) came true. We got our babies Daenerys and Sansa – named after Game of Thrones (we love GOT and many, many other TV shows). The first thing I did when we got our kittens was to take them to the vet of course. I proudly present my babies to the vet and introduce Daenerys and Sansa. The vet takes one look at Daenerys and says: “Looks like Daenerys is a little Danny!” Insert shocked emoji. The vet was brilliant though. Being new to this whole cat mummy thing, she took the time and explained all the important things to me. All I had to do was go home and break the news to my husband…the GOT theme music was playing in the background as I told him.
  4. Don’t ever trust me to book your travel. I mean don’t let me near a booking site if you want to reach your destination. My god, the amount of times I booked flights and hotels wrong. We are talking wrong dates, wrong times, wrong names –  now insert eye-rolling emoji here. I once booked a flight for my husband and me. He was my boyfriend back then. Instead of his last name I used mine, oops. Today I see it as a sign of course, as we did end up married. Since then however I get him to book everything. Better safe than sorry, right?
  5. I like to travel. I know I know … everyone says that. But I genuinely do. I got around a little bit – but still not as much as I’d like to. I admire all these amazing travel and lifestyle blogs out there that take you all around the world and to the most beautiful, secluded places. One thing that sometimes holds me back is my fear of flying. I hear you say: “How do you enjoy travel when you’re sacred of flying?” I wasn’t always scared, but it took one bumpy flight for me and just the thought of being in the air puts me in a state of panic. But not enough enough to hold me back. You can still meet me on the plane, but I won’t be my happy, laid back self.             Travel for me doesn’t necessarily means going half-way across the world. I enjoy trips around the country and weekend trips to the continent. Because how convenient is it to live near the Eurotunnel and the ferry ports? So you will definitely see some travel posts coming up.

So there we go, 5 things about me. That wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Guess it’s time to work on the next post.

Thanks for stopping by guys,