A brief visit to Copenhagen

Earlier this year I spent a couple days in Copenhagen with my girlfriends and thought I write up a quick post about my impressions of the city.

Firstly the journey from London to Copenhagen was super quick and affordable – the return flights were below the £40 mark.

When it came to accommodation however, it was a totally different picture. Most hotels and Airbnbs in town were expensive and way over the budget we set ourselves. So we opted for the Danhostel Copenhagen City. The hostel was about a 15min walk from the city and we ended up getting a triple room, which was perfect for us. We even had our own bathroom and didn’t have to share. So really more like a hotel than a hostel if you opt to upgrade.

We spent the next couple days exploring the city and bike seemed to be the preferred option to get around, for both locals as well as tourist. You can hire electric bikes at every corner and although we had our issues with the app, it was a great way to get around. We used ‘Bycyklen’. Simply download the app and choose your preferred payment plan.

The city has some pretty, historic buildings around every corner as well as a buzzing city center with every retail shop you can imagine. It is a great combination of old and modern.

Here are a few photos of the sites we saw:

Food was pretty great as well in Copenhagen. Because this was a budget trip we ended up eating a lot of street food, which of course included Smorrebrod, Hot Dogs and Danish pastries.

To enjoy views over the whole city we made our way up ‘The Round Tower’ or Rundetaarn. A few Euros gives you this amazing 360 degree of the town:

And last but not least, we had to visit the most famous site in Copenhagen: The mermaid. Although we visited quite late in the afternoon, the place was still full of people trying to  get the perfect snap. It is actually quite small and kind of not what you expect. But we ticked it off our list of things to see.

I enjoyed the trip and city, but somehow it has failed to leave an impression. The food and people are lovely, I’m just not sure I will return. Let me know if you experienced the same or if you are in love with the city? What are your highlights for Copenhagen?

Isabella x

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