Bruges in a day

At the beginning of January, Petya from ‘I Dream Live Inspire’  and I met in London, you can read about our day here.

While we were out in London, we came up with the idea to do a trip together soon. Ideally somewhere in Europe. With January being a though month when it comes to finances, we decided also that the trip had to be cheap. However, we didn’t want to compromise on the fact that the trip had to be outside of the UK.

While Petya found some amazing flight deals, we eventually decided that our destination would be Bruges which we could reach by car.

Why Bruges? Well firstly, Bruges and Belgium in general are the capital of chocolate! And that is all the convincing I need. But apart from the fact that Bruges has hundreds of chocolate shops (don’t worry I tell you all about them later…), it is also very cheap and convenient to get to.

Living in Kent and close to the Eurotunnel, my first stop was the Eurotunnel’s website to check pricing. I prefer using the Eurotunnel over the ferries as it is much quicker. We were in luck and we were able to snap up a day return ticket for £60! I think £30 return per person is a bargain, considering I pay almost as much to get a train to London at times.

So two weeks after deciding to go to Bruges, we were sitting on the train, in my car with our coffee’s in hand.


We took an early train as we wanted to arrive in Bruges before lunchtime. We took the Eurotunnel at 7.30am and made it to Bruges for 11am. The drive from Calais is only 2 hrs, but don’t forget the time difference.

Parking in Bruges is convenient. There are parking houses everywhere close to town, as well as a park and ride option. Parking is also cheap with approx. 8 Euros for 7hrs.

Our first destination was the town square. On the way there we discovered a pretty church and had a peek inside.


The town square, Place de Bruges, is huge and filled with bikes, horse and carriages as well as tourists. It is surrounded by prettiest buildings, the Belfry of Bruges (bell tower) and the Provinciaal Hof (Province Court).




There is always time for a selfie…


By the time we reached the town center we were pretty hungry so we opted for some Belgian Pommes Frites. You can find them everywhere and they are a quick and inexpensive snack. We went to a place called ‘t Brugsch Friethuys’. The Bonus with Belgian fries? You can choose from what felt like a hundred sauces to accompany your fries. We went for Curry Special Sauce and Sauce Andalouse, yummy.


The square things are fried soft cheese, amazing too!

We fueled up again and were ready to move on. We had a few places in mind we wanted to see, however, Bruges is a great town to walk around in and explore, no prior planning needed.

We headed towards the canals past some of the most amazing chocolate shops and chocolate creations I have ever seen. Bruges and Belgium should be on your ‘places to visit’ list if you are a chocoholic.


Mouth-watering, isn’t it?

There is some cute little alleyways to explore and around every corner is a beautiful building to admire.


We made it to the canals with it’s lovely little bridges.


You can walk around the town forever and never get bored. Some of the buildings have the most beautiful and intricate decorations and doors.


We also came across some pretty hotels. The two that I found were especially beautiful are the Hotel De Tuilerieën and Hotel De Orangerie.


After a couple hours of walking in the freezing cold, it was time for a break and one of the famous Belgian beers. We ended up in the Brewery Bourgogne des Flandres which is right next to the Hotel De Orangerie. We ordered a ‘tasting platter’ of beers and got to taste some interesting beers.

beer tasting

Belgium is very proud of their beers, you can even find scooters with beer bottles on them.

beer trolley

There is also a beer museum and a wall of fame with every Belgian beer imaginable.


After walking for hours and taking in this beautiful city it was time to make our way back to catch the train. But we couldn’t leave Belgium without having a famous Belgian waffle. So Chez Albert was our last stop and definitely worth it.


Until next time Belgium…




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