An evening at the Shard

“Nothing is certain in London but expense.”
William Shenstone, 1743

This couldn’t be more true when it comes to this blog post. But once in a while you just have to treat yourself – am I right?

So for this post I thought I share with you my experience at the Shard. I was able to visit the Shard a couple of weeks ago as part of a Hen Night.

The night actually begun a couple hours prior when we, the hen and her entourage, hitIMG_20170729_174648 Dirty Martini at Liverpool Street for a couple of pre-drinks. Dirty Martini is a great place to start of the night as their drinks are awesome and the happy hour even better – two for one martinis? YES PLEASE. Only downside is the wait for your drinks – but good things take time. So order at least four at a time.

So after a couple of martinis it was time to make our way to the Shard. We took a cab and so glad we did. There are multiple entrances, but the cab driver dropped us of at the right one: the entrance for the Oblix restaurant. 

After passing through an airport style security check, we made our way up to the 32nd floor where the restaurant is located. The elevator trip couldn’t be quicker, but shame there was no way to look outside, as you can from the lift at Sushisamba

Once there the friendly hostesses take you to the table – reservation is key as this place gets busy. We had a lovely table near the window. The interior is chic but relaxed – no white linen. 

Straight away a waiter attended our table and introduced us to the menu – short but sweet. We worked our way through it and started off with some rosé, flat breads and cheese. How delicious does that look? 


This was followed by our starters. The bride choose lobster & scallop ceviche, I went for the crispy squid with chilli & lime.

Then it was time for the main….and OMG. This was one of the best steaks I have ever had. Mouthwatering.

And just to make sure we were really full, we shared a small dessert – chocolate truffles. 

As the quote suggest the night wasn’t cheap. The meal set me back approx. £75 but I’d say it is worth it for a 4 course meal including wine, view and excellent service.

We stayed for a couple more drinks which are also amazing but shortly made our way onward as there was one last surprise for the bride-to-be: SILENT DISCO!

The silent disco takes place on the 69th floor of the shard – and yes it is as high as it sounds. But before you go up you unfortunately need to make your way down first. There is no direct lift from the restaurant to the silent disco.

So down we went to find the separate entrance to the silent disco, which was just around the corner and a good opportunity to get some fresh air. 

Once you are up on the 69th floor you receive your headphones and you are ready to go. You can choose between three different DJ’s that are playing that night – each of them has their own color: greenn blue or red. Their equipment is also illuminated in their color. This way you can match the DJ with the music you listen to. 

The dance floor area is not large – it is a square with a staircase in the middle. You can walk around and admire the view whilst you listen to your favorite station. And the views are incredible. 

You can even go up to the 72nd floor via the staircase and you are literally at the TOP of the highest building in western Europe. Pretty amazing!

And while you’re up there don’t forget to visit the loo, I promise you will never have a better view when using one 😉



See you next time,

Isabella x

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